Samsung God Speed SSD Raid

I’ve been playing with computer parts for years now, and I haven’t seen something cool like this video has to offer. Samsung ask bunch of people to test how good is their SSD and so a IT genius guy, Paul, came forward and built a super computer consist of 24 SSDs RAID equal to 6TB in one dual processor desktop performance pc.

Check out this video:

This is amazing, running 53 programs in 18+ seconds!

The most mind-blowing part is at the 3:38 minutes where Paul tried to shakes and jumps together with the connected and running SSDs. No errors was found and the computer keeps running like usual.

Now how good is Samsung SSD?! 😉

However, to build such a computer, you’ll need to waste (really wasting) around $15,000 (assuming one SSD is $500 and the PC worth $3,000). If you have such a money to burn, go ahead and follow Paul’s guide to create this God Speed SSDs Raid PC (You’ll find it at the end of the movie).

(via CrunchGear)

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