Swiss Watch Time Traveled? Found in 400-year Old Chinese Tomb

It’s just like a magic and mystery for archaeologists to found a Swiss watch inside a 400-years old Chinese Tomb from Ming Dynasty. The actual site is in Shangsi, Southern China, and the Archaeologists believed that no one had disturbed this tomb until they found this weird fact inside this tomb.


The Ming Dynasty did have its own unique age of watch making, but that does not explain why the word, ‘Swiss’ on the back of the watch is engraved in English. In Geneva, Switzerland, other languages were more common, namely French and German.

In 1541 in Geneva, there was a ban on flashy jewelry, so the idea of a watch/ ring might make some sense, as a watch was considered practical and essential. Still, there is no record anywhere of ring/watches being popular in Europe until after 1780, which only deepens the mystery.

by WeirdAsiaNews

Whether it’s true or not, I’m starting to think about a movie I’ve watched years ago (Hong Kong series) called “A Step into the Past“. In the movie, the digger also found a strange hi-tech device in the emperor tomb which actually something from the future.

Pretty similar to this Swiss watch. Sounds like someone do a time travel(?) and accidentally left their Swiss watch (lol) in that tomb. Well, I know it sound absurd. However, I still believed in “Everything is possible”.

(via Weird Asia News)

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  • hi Ken, your word of “thing” on started to thing about movie, it should be “think” thank you!

    • Ops, Thanks bro! I’ve fixed that word. Have a nice day! 😉

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