Procare iPhone Screen Cleaning Kit

For you who love your touchscreen cell phone (iPhone, HTC Touch, etc), this Procare Mobile touch screen cleaning kit will help you keep the screen free of dusts, greasy oil, fingerprints and give you a crystal clear screen within seconds.


Just hover and sweep your iPhone (or other touch screen smart phones) gently across the surface to obtain a clean and nice screen.

Touch screen gizmos are all very impressive but you have to touch them. Lots. And because your fingers are greasy, mucky and coated in a layer of unidentifiable gunk, beloved screens soon resemble windows dipped in chip fat and sprinkled with dust, dandruff and gawd knows what else. So thank goodness for the Procare Mobile Touch Screen Cleaning Kit.

It even comes with an integrated Stylus to free the screen from fingerprints, and it also comes with an ultra-fine micro fibre pouch that double as a quick screen cleaner.

Procare Mobile touch screen cleaning kit is only £7.95 (around $12) and you can buy it at Firebox now.

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