BeepEgg is a Singing Egg Timer


Funny, but very useful for first-timer in cooking eggs. BeepEgg is a singing timer to help you notice when your egg is done. All you have to do it to put your eggs into your pan, add some water, put this BeepEgg singing timer in the pan and turn on your fire.


This clever little ovoid sits alongside your eggs in the pan, beeping and playing various melodies to indicate different levels of hardness. No yolk! If you want soft eggs, remove them from the pan when you hear ‘Killing Me Softly’. For medium it’s ‘I Wish I was a Hen’ and for hard boiled you’ll hear the ominous tune from Carmina Burana (you know, that portentous classical ditty they play when the X-Factor judges walk onstage).

BeepEgg is yours for £14.95 only at Firebox.

(via Coolest Gadgets, Uberreview)

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