Easy Solar Panels for Those Who Live in Apartment

It’s been awhile since the first time Solar Panels technology appears in our environment and it has been gone through a lot of improvements either in cutting the cost or making the installation easier.

Comparing the first solar panels we have covered here with the latest homemade SunCat Solar powereed Battery, I’ve seen a significant improvement in obtaining energy from our nature using solar panel.

But there is no solution for Apartment dweller who were pinched between floors and only have the windows as their sole area to obtain sun rays.

But thanks to Veranda Solar, those who live in Apartment can harness their windows as their source of power using Veranda Solar panel.


Beside it’s pretty cheap (around $600 or so), it require zero cost in installation and you could practically DIY using several screws by following the manual book. Best of all, if you feel you have more money to spend to increase your household energy supply, you can always expand the power by finding more spot to install this solar panel.

(Via Apartment Therapy)

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