Origami Toilet Paper – More Fun in the Toilet!

Here is a funny yet useful idea to help you kill some boring time awaiting for your “best friends” to come out.

It’s a toilet paper with origami paper flip detail instruction, so you can make some bird(s) while enjoying your toilet time!


Next time you forget that magazine or book, it’s not a problem. With our Origami Potty Paper you can spend hours (please see a doctor) learning new and interesting Origami techniques all from your roll of toilet paper.

Want to know the best part? You can practice while you’re enjoying your private time on the potty. You won’t even notice the minutes pass.

If you are interested to make some bird while on the potty, get this Origami Toilet paper at PerpetualKid for $4.49 only!

(via Random-Good-Stuff)

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