iPhone 3.0 Operating System Announced

Here is a good news for iPhone owner. The iPhone 3.0 OS has been revealed to the public, according to GearCrave.com.


I’m always feeling blue talking about iPhone since I haven’t got a chance to touch a single iPhone since the launching. And now the third OS version launched? Okay, I really can’t bear this kind of temptation! :)

The Third version of iPhone OS have included some of the high-demanded features, such as:

  • Copy, Cut and Paste function across Apps in iPhone 3.0 OS
  • Landscape view text messaging with wider touch keyboard
  • Bluetooth P2P connection
  • Global Search Function across all Apps in your iPhone

It makes me even happier because iPhone is going to launch in Asia this March, 20th mid-night. I wonder if the iPhone will have an up-to-date OS version 3.0… Well, let’s hope so!

If you need more update news on iPhone 3.0 OS, head on over to GearCrave because Mike will update us the latest news on this hot stuff!

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