Celsius is a Stackable Modular Refrigerator Concept

Celsius by Angeline Meloche is one perfect refrigerator prototype with individual room for each items that you want to stuff into the fridge. Such as vegetables or beverage, meats & fishes will have their own separated space in this Modular Refrigerator.


According to his or her opinion (Angeline Meloche), Celsius is new fridge for the future while maintaining the footprint of a conventional fridge. The refrigerator consist of full-extension drawer and/or pantry-style cabinets and all of them can be configured by the consumer.

With this Celsius refrigerator, consumer can purchase the basic one-shelf version and expand the refrigerator by stacking one to each other similar to the picture above. It seems we can stack as high as we want to. But you will have a hard time opening the top cabinet.

Celsius refrigerator also features 5 temperatures setting which is accessible through the touch sensitive front panel. You’d also get a double-glazed tinted doors and streamlined glass panels. Pretty cool, but I really wish we can also stack the fridge horizontally. 😉

(via Appliancist)

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