Balmuda’s Airline LED Light Desktop Lamp

Balmuda Design latest work is this Airline Desktop LED light. It’s an advance type of desktop lamp and it will have a long lifespan of 23 years (around 6 hours daily usage)!


The shape looking chic enough for any modern life style. Balmuda Airline is only using 4.5 watts Bright LED light but capable of maintaining 70% of the original brightness of 6000K with up to 50,000 hours of use.


Airline LED Light is crafted with a luxurious material, lightweight yet strong with high grade aluminum cut. It’s also noiseless and smooth when you try to move the position around. It’s all thanks to the hybrid system to balance the spring and weight.

Balmuda Airline is yet to be released. But it should be available soon enough since the other Balmuda designs has been released to the public. The only one thing that will hold you back is the pricing factor. It should above the mark of hundred bucks if you want to get it for your desktop.

(via Balmuda)

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