Ergon Door: Space Friendly Two-Way Door System

Ergon door is a new door system by Venetian Celegon which could help you cut up to half for required space on normal door system when they open up.


Ergon door is using a new system called rototranlating – which allow for both rotary and translatory motion in one central axis while the door will spinning around the axis.


From the picture above, you’ll see the path of the door system. It seems with this new Ergon door system, opening door require shorter reach to make the door wide open. And with the added feature of Two-way door system, it makes things become more flexible, especially in furniture placements.

It’s indeed a chic innovation and future-oriented design, especially good for future home or apartment with limited spaces.

(via Freshome)

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    I want to purchase the ergon door

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