Forsta Speakers: Grows the Bamboo for Better Sound!

Forsta Speakers concept is a weird-green-eco-friendly speakers concept which I have two type of thoughts on it. The first one is that Forsta speakers is “too good to be true”, and the second one is “It will be a great stuff if it’s true”! :)




Well, Forsta Speakers idea is to install a speaker inside a bamboo hollow as the sound box while growing the bamboo to achieve a better sound (the taller, the better). Now why it’s too good to be true?

Because growing bamboo is not as easy as you think. It’s impossible to jab the bamboo into the speaker, add some water to the container and the bamboo will grow taller by time! Based on my knowledge, bamboo needs a solid root structures to grow themselves.

But it will be a great stuff if it’s true! Yes, who knows in the future there is a scientist successfully invented a “potion” to grow bamboo without root? Well, anything is possible if we are talking about the future… Pretty a cool concept actually, Jocko Chan (designer)!

(via YankoDesign)

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  • Hey. awesome concept. iím all for green gadgets. but wonít hollowing out each ďair pocketĒ kill the plant itself? I think you need to try to maintain a plant under those conditions to see if itís a viable option.

    • Hi There!

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, it seems this concept is still “too far” from real and there is no chance for the bamboo to grow properly.

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