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Geek Fashion: Solar Powered Ventilated Cap

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This ventilated cap is purely design for geek to show how they are into the green energy. It’s very weird I’d say. A 2-inch square size solar panel attached at the top of the cap, connected directly using cable to the front ventilated hole filled with a low power consumption fan.

Once the solar panel captures solar light, the fan will start to blows some hot air to your face. I really can’t expect for much cool air from this cap. Well, it’s better than nothing. At least you will get some breeze winds in a shiny windless garden/park. Better more, it’s a purely an expression of geek fashion!

If you are a geek soul, you may want to get it for $5.99 at Computer Geeks. Pretty cheap.

There are two colors available: Blue and Tan.

(via Chip Chick)

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