Tryvann Snowing Billboard in Norway

Technology has allow the street advertiser to build a ‘freaking cool!’ snowing billboard in Norway to promote the Tryvann Winter Park ski resort.

The mechanism seems to be a blower-like machine in the bottom of the transparent billboard and will blow the container (the snows) upward in a certain period of time. Very clever because it will immediately set a deep impression for the viewer and will instant remember the Winter Park Ski resort.


Tryvann Winter Park is a modern and highly equipped ski resort only 15 minutes from the center of Norway’s capital city, Oslo. Whilst downtown can be completely free of snow, Tryvann can be a winter wonderland with perfect ski conditions.

A smart technical solution made it possible to create a mini snowstorm inside transparent billboards. Every time it snowed at Tryvann Winter Park, mini snowstorm was started and stopped by sending an SMS.

(via Toxel)

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