Hand-Cranked Paper Shredder

Instead of using electricity to power up your paper shredder and destroy your papers, why not use this eco-friendly natural energy paper shredder to cut your paper? Beside saving electricity bills, you can also have some hand exercise / workout.


The downside is this hand-cranked paper shredder seem to be able to handle one piece of paper at a time. Therefore, if you have bunch of paper to shred, then you should prepare some natural energy (perhaps a cup of coffee and plate of cookie might help) to get all of them shredded.

The other downside that may occur perhaps is the small storage for the shredded papers. As a result, it might require lots of manual work starting from cranking to dispose the shredded papers. However, if using this hand-cranked paper shredder proved to save lots of energy (which later safe our earth from Global warming!), it’s something very worth and affordable to get.

It’s sold by Froobi.com for $8.99 only. A reasonable price to help your office go green, and help your crews having a regular hand workout so there will be no hand twisted in the work.

Also check out the automatic paper shredder call bridge. You can spoil yourself with that mini machine!

(via Coated and Crunchgear)

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