3D Optical Illusions Art by Ara Peterson

3D Optical Illusions is neither hardware or gadget. It’s an magnificent eye-fooling art by Ara Peterson.


This 3D Optical Illusions art is a wicked repetitive multi-color illusions with certain patterns to make fun of our dumb eyes. The main material is a birch wood, laser-cut with acrylic color paints.



Can visit My Modern Metropolis for more image gallery, or you can visit Ara Peterson site for a little shock! 😉

(via NotCot)

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  • A.T.

    Hmmm… How sickeningly colorful.

  • anon

    this is not an optical illusion. what part tricks the eyes? (dazzles/distracts maybe)
    its absolutely freaking cool though and I want to have it in my house but it does not trick my eyes.

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