Blomus Fireplace: Eco-Friendly Vidro Fireplace

Blomus Vidro Fireplace is another eco-friendly fireplace beside Conmoto Travelmate Portable Fireplace. It also features the eco-shelves fueled by a same material, the clean and smokeless gelled ethanol.


There are practically 2 types of Blomus Vidro Fireplace for your home. Starting from Blomus Vidro Floor fireplace (large and small size) and Blomus Vidro wall fireplace. The good side of this fireplace is Blomus Vidro doesn’t require any chimney, and it won’t turn your ceiling into a black spot.

However, it also has a downside of the small lit flame will look as if “invisible” because of the ethanol gas. Even so, it still provides the warmness and practically portable as you can move it around freely without the need to attach to a wall.

Price starting from the cheapest Blomus Vidro Floor Fireplace £665, to the highest of £949 for the Wall version. You could also purchase the gelled 1 litre ethanol Fuel for additional £6.50.

If you are interested, you could find more information and pricing at Panik Design.

(via EcoFriend, DVice and Gizmodo)

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