Fake or Real: Apple Netbook Leaked Snapshots

Is this a joke for this April Mop, or it’s actually a ‘Real’ snapshot of the upcoming Apple Netbook. Here is what it will look like according to a Russian Magazine:


Okay, I have no idea whether it’s real, or not. Nowadays Photoshop artist is really ‘top notch’ in faking non-existing stuffs. So, there is no way to prove it “real” before getting the real stuff in your hand (or officially announced by Apple on their website).

The magazine also has revealed the specs such as 10,.4″ with 1280×768 screen with HD support, powered by Atom processor, 2GB RAM, WiFi, GeForce 9400M, 64GB SSD and so on but no sign of 3G wireless connectivity.

Whatever it is, I will believe it until I’ve seen the exact product in front of my eyes, or there is a video review about it. A little skeptical mind of mine. :)

(via GadgetLite and Unplggd)

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