LG GD900 See-Thru Cell Phone [More Snapshots]

I remembered that I’ve said that LG GD900, the World’s first See-Thru Cell Phone keypad is coming to the market. And yes, it’s not hoax and here are the more detail images with a hot and sexy girl on the show:



The specification of LG GD900 See-Thru Cell Phone keypad specification is a bit beyond my imagination. The transparent keypad is made of a real glass (instead of high quality plastic) with multi-touch function. This Cell Phone will fully elevate the 7.2Mbps HSDPA connection for fastest browsing experience (depend on your local 3.5G network coverage) and you can practically do anything with its 3-inch large screen display.

The multi touch function can immediately turn into a touch-sensitive mouse pad for browsing fever by your choice, and LG GD900 Transparent Cell Phone also features a matchless vibrational haptic feedback.

It will be soon available in both Europe and Asia and hope we in the South East Asia also will have the chance to taste this cool cell phone by this May, 2009!

(via GadgetLite)

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