Greenest Batteries Powered by Virus

Technology development has once again step into the next level by merging the non-living and living thing into a new technology. Researchers at MIT has managed to create viruses (genetically engineer virus) which allows future rechargeable lithium batteries to be built in a form of a plastic film!


A typical lithium-ion battery uses a negatively-charged anode made of graphite to regulate the flow of lithium ions to the positively-charged cathode,which is made of cobalt.

In MIT’s version, the anode and cathode materials are self-assembled into structures that provide more surface area due to the nanoscale patterning of living viruses. The viruses were selected from among populations of common bacteriophages, which infect bacteria but are harmless to humans.

With this new technology, it will allow more green gadgets and hardware to be produce in the future. But they just have to make sure the viruses won’t become a dangerous treat for human. Because no one would love to experience the story of Resident Evil. :)

Read more story at: Clean Technica and EETimes.

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