V Neck Wave Jacket is the Coolest Rider Protection

Without doubt, this is the first cool Jacket protection for motorbike rider I’ve ever seen so far. V Neck Wave Jacket has a strong point in the Neck part protection because of their integration of the revolutionary Neck cervical support.


The V Neck Wave Jacket accompanies every movement of the neck and provides it with support against both the wind and jerky movement while riding in order to provide safety and assurance without precedence in any riding position The V Neck Wave Jacket now offers a protective system completed by the Neck support, which can be worn alone or beneath other Dainese items.

Basically, V Neck Wave Jacket is an improved version of Dainese’s motorcyclist-oriented Wave Safety Jacket. It might looks like a gladiator cloth, but it isn’t. It’s design especially for rider to get the fullest protection while speeding on the road.


There are five more protectors on this V Neck Wave Jacket, apart from the special Neck support. Starting from:

  • Homologated composite protectors
  • Wave back protector with lumbar joint
  • Jointed shoulder protector
  • Jointed elbow protector
  • Protectors against abrasion
  • Rigid pectoral plates

The whole set of V Neck Wave Jacket with cost you around $469. If you are interested to protect your body while speeding with your motorbike, you can get more information at Dainese.com!

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