Aqua Sounder Wireless Floating Speaker


The Weatherproof Floating Wireless Speaker that I was talking about last year has now turns into “Aqua Sounder” and it’s available at Amazon for a much cheaper price.

While summer is coming fast, most of us will hoping for another summer pool party with lively environment. Aqua Sounder might be one of the gadget that could live up your pool party if you allow it to float around the pool.

Aqua Sounder should be able to provide up to 10 hours of music playback while streaming the data wirelessly in the range of 150 feet. You would also for the a docking station for your iPhone with a 3.5mm input jack for most of MP3/MP4 player.

The price of this Aqua Sounder is $94 at Amazon. But you can check for the latest price at our shopping channel.


(via GadgetReview and OhGizmo)

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