Baketan 2 Ghost Radar Cell Phone Strap

Do you believe in ghost? If you are one of the believer, you should equip yourself with this new Ghost Detector cell phone strap straight from Japan (Strapya World).


It’s a unique stone shape relic-like device that have a push of button to detect ghost around you. If the zone is clear of the negative energy (Ghost, I mean) you shall see a blue light glow from the detector. If it shine in Red, be sure to get the hell out of there because the detector has detected a Ghost(s)!

Baketan 2 Ghost Radar cell phone is one unique fun gadgets for chilling up your night time. especially good if you walk a lot in the night spooky road way to your home. Well, if you are dare enough, you can head to Strapya World to get this Baketan 2 ghost Radar cell phone strap for $22 only.

(via Craziest Gadgets)

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