Pong Clock: Interesting Pong Game Digital Clock Prototype

There is a lot of idea to tweak a clock into something with more value than just a clock. For example, this interesting Pong Game Clock Prototype, which is an effort of 15 years of work with helps of a Brazilian programmer, is the excellent example for an unique clock tweaking and presentation.


The idea is very simple. You watch the competition of two programmed eternal rival scoring each other. The score of the competition is exactly the ‘Digital Clock‘ to show you the current time.

But somehow I felt pity over the right side player. No matter how hard it play, the player at the left will always score 60 points before the right player successfully getting a single 1 point. Pretty “unfair” I can say!


Pong Game Clock prototype is designed by Buro Vromkrijgers and you can see more image gallery at the site mentioned in the link. There is still no further information about when this Pong Game Clock will be produce, but you can test the sample is a form of a ScreenSaver for your PC by downloading the donate-ware provided in the site.

If you can’t find the screensaver download page, let me give you a little navigation the the page:

  • First you have to go to Buro Vromkrijgers site
  • at the right sidebar, click on the drop down the ‘Portofolio’ list by clicking on the “+” button
  • Then click on the “+” of Browse, when the list appear, click on the “+” button of Miscellaneous
  • Finally, click on the Pong ® Clock

You will find the screensaver of Pong Clock right below the image.

(Pong Game Clock via Walyou)

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