Anti-Theft Sticker is an Ugly Stickers for Your Vehicles

Want to protect your car with a new method? Instead of using a steering wheel locks, it’s better to just make your car’s appearance as ‘ugly’ as you can to lower your car’s value in the eyes of thieves.

One way that is pretty easy to transform your car into an ugly creature is to use this Anti-Theft gadget sticker. Once you applies the sticker to your car, motorbike, bike, or on virtually any vehicle, it will then transformed immediately into a used car shape with lots of wounds on the body.


It’s pretty interesting, but somehow will hurt your own ego if you are a high-class dweller. You buy nice car for show off, but now you need to make it as ugly as you can to prevent theft. That’s somehow very humiliating. :)

But if you do like to add some type of badge to your car or vehicle, there is a similar bandage sticker powered by Magnetic field and it has a nicer appearance.

Well, if you are interested to make your vehicle ugly, especially your cars, head on over to Dominic Wilcox to get it. It’s only £3.99 for each pack.

(via Coated)

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