Panda Ear Buds – Nice Gift for Geek Ladies

It’s a wacky stylish ear buds, I agree. I am sure most of animal lover who love to shut their ear hole tight with ear buds will love this design, especially Geek Girls (I assume no man would love this design! 😉 ).


It’s a Panda Ear Buds, and it will be the best partner with our previous Panda Cell Phone strap.

Listening to music is much more fun with friends & these playful ear buds are gonna become your new besties!

Select from an array of wacky styles, each compatible with devices with a standard 3.5 mm headphone socket like iPods, MP3 players and portable games and laptops. Bud about 1.25” on 45” cord. Plastic. Turn it way up!

This cute little Panda Ear Buds is yours for only $15 available at FredFlare.

(via GearFuse)

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  • wayne

    This is a cool idea for kids but it doesn’t address how uncomfortable the iPod ear buds are. About a year ago I did research and found a company called Earsound Customs which makes an iPod Attachment which is made from an impression of your ear therefore it fits perfectly. The ear buds fit snugly into the iPod attachments which then go into your ears.

    So again, this is a cool idea for the outside of the ear buds but I would also consider the other side of the ear bud that goes into your ear. Also, as a parent, I’m concerned about how loud my child is listening to his iPod. The iPod Attachments block out most of the background noise thereby allowing him to lower the volume which I think is important. Hope this helps.

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