A.i.R Project: Art in the Room by Bandai

No wonder why Japanese has the most advanced technology in the World. They have bunch of creative human resources is one of the factor that pushed them into the front line of technology. One of the creative Japanese, Mr. Suzuki Taro has created the new A.i.R Project or what we known as the “Art in the Room” project.


A.i.R Project is a perfect example of modern lifestyle and digital arts for the years to come. It cost over $600 to build this ambiance light system of A.i.R project.

From the picture above, it seems it’s simple enough. Just a half cube dimension of block with many small blue illuminated squares tiled neatly. However, the system inside this blue box is kinda surprising. Inside each square hole you will found a low power consumption mini fan as the trigger to the pixel animation that you will see in the following video:

Inside each LED-lit square is a mini fan that, when triggered in combination with light patterns, starts blowing air to physically move the cloth cover. The result is a light sculpture that moves both with light and wind, and can be manipulated with internal sensors that detect touch on each side and moves the lights in that direction.

(More at cscoutjapan)

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