Denon DP-200USB Vinyl-to-MP3 Turntable

Denon has released a new Converter, Denon DP-200USB to help you turns your Vinyl to MP3 format so you can save your old songs inside your vinyl collection from extinction.


ION-Style DP-200USB is a fully automatic turntable that will convert vinyl analog records into MP3 files and storage the data directly to a flash drive or External USB storage. You will find only one port provided in the front side with three buttons for navigation for recording purposes. ION DP-200USB support all vinyl size (7in, 12in, 45in) and you will get a Windows-based software to edit the recorded data inside the flash drive. All the music is record in one full length of audio and you have to splits and band into tracks manually using the provided software.


So, if you have a lot of vinyl collection, you can buy this ION DP-200USB and turns them to digital data for future usage. Although there is lot of complains about the quality of digital audio vs analog records, I guess it’s still important to back up to prevent unwanted loss, and still keep the original vinyl for your best audio enjoyment. There is nothing to lose for you.


(via Coolest-gadgets and TechPin)

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