Super Projector: Sanyo Super-Short Focus Laser Projector

If you think your current projector is not enough for you, soon you can have a second look on this new device that I called the “Super Projector” from Sanyo!

Here it is, the Sanyo Super-Shot Focus Laser Projector:


Sanyo Super-shot focus laser projector not only capable of displaying a large 100-inch screen from a short range of 25-inch away from the wall, it also capable of shooting a Full HD Resolution to amaze your eyes!



This Sanyo Laser projector have 7000 lumens brightness level, and you can actually get a larger screen size of 150-inch when you pull the device a little backward or 37-inch away from the wall. Amazing, but by a simple judging from the image, this Sanyo Super-Shot laser projector needs a lot of cash to burn (I mean spend) to own one for your home entertainment/office.

I guess big time this Projector is designed for large companies to use as their meeting equipment and not for small business owner who’ve just run their business.

(via TechFresh)

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