Chic Blue-Illuminated Kenwood Glass Speakers

Kenwood SP0001 is a cool yet chic looking blue LED illuminated glass speakers. It certainly can add a ernomous amount of soothing effects to your shady room and you get a shining blue diamond effect as the light is coming out from the all glass frame and case.


By judging from its cool looking, you might think Kenwood SP0001 will also have a ‘kicking’ sounds for your audio entertainment. But Kenwood SP0001 glass speakers might turn you down as it only capable of punching out 10W per speaker (2 x 10W). It should be similar with your desktop active speaker, as it doesn’t comes with sub woofer.

What really matter is the price. Kenwood SP0001 Glass Speaker has a hell high price of $1,000 per set. Availability is questionable for US market. But you can actually buy it if you heads to the Sakura Viewing Country, Japan.

(via GearCrave, Crunch Gear, Tech Fresh and Geeky Gadgets)

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