Thanko USB Cooler Keyboard Available for this Summer

Last year, We have preview an unique keyboard with USB cooler fans from Thanko but it still haven’t hit the market yet. In this year, it seems this USB Cooler fan keyboard has become available and outsider (non-Japan) can order this keyboard through


It has 3 fans blow a gentle winds up to your palm resting point through the small ventilation as shown in the picture. Itís powered by USB and hopefully itís water-spill resistant. There is a small switch at the right front side to turns the fans on and off.

The price estimation from last year was incorrect as the current price is $93. I’m not sure if the quality and materials are the same or not, but it certainly looks the same piece of gadget with more expensive price to pay.
Well, if your hand sweats a lot each summer while typing with your keyboard, this USB Cooler Keyboard is certainly something that you don’t wanna miss.

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