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If you are following us at our twitter updates @hardwaresphere, you will know that we were having a server migration to a new one, better web host with more resources for this site. So, I proudly presented the new home to you today!


You may have noticed that we have no updates in the last two days. Well, there is not enough human resources here, and I was the only one who did the server migration. At first, it’s really a daunting tasks for me, since I have a limited knowledge about server migration. As a result, it took a bit more time than I was expected to see!

However, at least things have been settled and now, you can enjoy a 100% uptime site with a faster transfer rate, and it’s powered by 8-Core of Intel Xeon CPU! 😀

I guess my hard work these two days payoffs in my own satisfaction as I know HardwareSphere reader will be able to browse through the site smoothly and no more down-time! :)

Above everything, I have to thank you greatly as this site will not grow properly without your sincere supports.

We will try our best to provide entertaining contents with the latest hot hardware and cool gadgets reports. Make sure to contact us if you find any bugs, idea or suggestion to improve this site. We would love to hear them!


Ken Xu

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  • Hi Ken, congratulations on the move to a new server…..Mike

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