Samsung Intros new Spinpoint M7 Notebook Hard Drive

Even SSD is undergoing a slow movement to the future choice of storage device, a Spin-type Hard drive still in demand, especially the price will not cost you sky high, they are getting faster and more feature for mobile device such as laptop and netbook.

Samsung has rolls out their latest 2.5-inch mechanical hard drive, Spinpoint M7 with a special feature of 400G/2ms Shock tolerance rate.

It first appeared in Korea in a 500GB size, but it also available in a smaller size such as 400, 320 or even the 250GB. With this new Spinpoint M7, Samsung claimed that it could reduce power consumption in seek mode to up to 25% compared to the old 2.5-inch hard drive.

Not yet priced, but it should be available soon on the market.


(via CrunchGear)

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