YI Zip-Up Tangles Earphones is a Zipper Style Earphones

Another interesting concept has popped out at YankoDesign. This time, it’s a Zipper style earphones with interesting volume control panel.


This concept is called “YI Zip-Up Tangles Earphones”, designed by Ji Woong, this is practically a fun idea for audio freaks to manage their earphone cable.


The volume control is placed and installed in an unconventional location. The Zipper handle is actually the volume control, which force me to think that this concept is pretty impossible since the actual earphones cable is not attached together with the volume control. So how do the volume control work? via infrared? Bluetooth? Hmmm…


However, It seems nice enough, and it will be so convenience for storing because the cable won’t tied together like a mess. Just a zip away to open, and zip away to tidy up the cable.

(more image: YankoDesign | via CraziestGadgets)

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