BacVac is a Fuel Cell Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Concept

Almost all of the modern house is equipped with a great cleaning tool to keep the house clean from dusts. One of them is a vacuum cleaner, which is the best tool to keep your floor clean.

But there is one most common disadvantage in this vacuum cleaner. You need to keep the device connected to the power source when using. It might be a pain if you have a large room to clean and there is no power extension available.

BacVac Vacuum Cleaner concept is created based upon this idea to free the user from relying the available power source. In exchange, BacVac will use its own integrated fuel cell which later could be recharged by reloading ethanol.


BacVac also turns Vacuum cleaner into an extremely portable vacuum thanks to the backpack style design which allows the user to piggyback the machine on their back and bring it anywhere.


Interesting concept for the interesting future. Now I wonder if the next generation Moms / maids will enjoy cleaning the floor or not!

(via Tuvie)

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