Air Ravioli Inflatable Chair Concept

Air Ravioli is an eco-friendly chair design by Mario Bellini. Why Eco-friendly? Because all of the Air Ravioli chair is made of recycled materials which absolutely safe for our environment.


By looking at the picture above, you might guess there is nothing special on this Air Ravioli. Well, hold on. Don’t judge them by their appearances. Air Ravioli has more artistic touch + environment friendly that you’ve never imagine. Check out the following picture to figure it out:


Yes, Air Ravioli will glows in the dark and it’s inflatable in the first place. Mario Bellini has allow a good nature blend with the modern lifestyle with the soothing illumination sparking from inside. It’s kind of “one stone two bird” idiom in designing the perfect furniture for our future living.

(Source: Meritalia via iGreenSpot)

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