iHouse’s SmartFaucet – Most High Tech Design for Your Home

This Hi-Tech SmartFaucet by iHouse design is really mind blowing! It’s a piece of washroom gadget that fully harnessing the face recognition technology to adjust the temperature to suit the user’s choice.

You can even check email, browse for calendar and other quick information in case you need it while washing your hand with this iHouse SmartFaucet.


iHouse’s SmartFaucet sophisticated design with the ultimate technology. Using facial screening application the SmartFaucet recognizes the user and automatically turns on the water to your preferred temperature and flow. In addition the touch screen on the top of the faucet can be used to access e-mails, check the outsite temperature, check your calendar, and so on.

I’m really in love with this technology, especially the glowing edge that fully crushed us who love glowing stuff. :)

Well, if you desired for more detail information, I’ll leave it to our folk at Gaj-it.com since they have done a great job in this part! 😉

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