Kinesis K3 – Power Up your Gadgets in 3 Ways!

I have missed out the first and the second version of Kinesis, so let’s just jump to their latest Kinesis K3, a handheld recharger that now comes in 3 ways of recharging your gadgets or mobile devices.


So what’s the 3 Ways? Kinesis K3 now capable of powering up your gadgets by using direct power source input, Through Solar Panel or using the Fan to capture winds and produces electricity.

Kinesis K3 package comes with one AC Plug, 12-volt cigarette lighter plug for your car, and a USB adapter. Especially useful when hiking to the deep mountain. You can use the wind + solar panel option to charge your gadgets faster, much better than relying on single source of natural power.

K3 also has an internal 4,000 mAh battery that could do a good five times cell phone recharge or equal to 10 times recharge for your MP3 player. One option that I wish to see but not included in this version, is the kinetics power option Similar to Orange Dance Charger.

A single source of solar panel can give you about 30 minutes of cell phone talk time (with 1 hour of continuous sun light), It might be able to triple it up if you can fully harness the three sources (with kinetic) while traveling through the mountain/forest.

Price estimation is around 100 bucks, and Kinesis K3 will be available around this June 2009.

(via DVice)

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