Kenwood OLED Speakers by Junji Kido


I have one set of Kenwood Speakers, so I know that the sound quality is top notch and most of their audio product is excellent. But I can’t make sure of it after seing this new Kenwoord OLED Speakers founded by Japan’es Yamagata University. It seems Professor Junji Kido, the mastermind behind this Kenwood OLED speakers making this new set of OLED speaker for emergency usage, such as the OLED will display the emergency exit icon while the built-in speaker will act as a loudspeaker for announcement, not for entertainment purpose.


Kenwood OLED Speakers is practically an energy-efficient invention for the extraordinary purpose. Green solution to save the earth, while at the same time it could be a good life-saver device.

(via GadgetVenue)

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