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This is the first review quote for tech product, and we land our first candidate on this Seagate Replica.


Seagate Replica is a useful, plug in and forget type of hardware and Seagate Replica will act as your computer personal automatic file backup and continuously monitor changes in your files and system.


Here is what other reviewers have to say about this Seagate Replica:

After actually trying out the Replica, we’ve come away impressed with the device. After all there are a million hard drives out there – but this one has a truly simple backup system. Who is the Seagate Replica for? Lazy people, those who aren’t tech savvy, and possibly IT support folks or anyone who has the responsibility and need to back up other people’s computers easily and efficiently.


Step 1. Plug in Replica (Multi-PC 500GB or Single PC 250GB).
Step 2. Click yes to all the licensing stuff and terms of service BS.
Step 3. Walk away.

Short review, huh? Well, Seagate managed to make a simple to use backup utility device for the PC that has a “set it and forget it” mantra.

By CrunchGear

The Seagate Replica is a new external USB storage system that is designed to backup everything inside your computer’s hard drive including system files, program files, documents and settings. This backup device is easy to use. You just need to connect the Replica to USB port and a window pops up with the option to “Start Seagate Replica”. Once you click “OK” and agree to the software agreement, the device will do its job automatically.

By Tech Fresh


Seagate Replica has the basic spec of 250GB or 500GB, with single PC and multi-PC type, price starting at $200.


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