The new Hi-Tech ScareCrow 2.0 Concept for Farm Life

This is no scarecrow that looks like that clown jabbed in the middle of the farm field. This is the new generation, super hi-tech scarecrow that will detect all moving animal inside its view range of 16,529 square meter, email the news to you, and chase the little guys away with its ultrasonic wave.


The beauty of this ‘Digital’ Scarescrow is the built-in solar panel so it can power up itself with no extra power source needed. It will stand on its own leg – a tripod that sounds like trisula spear so you can jab deep to the ground.

The ultrasonic beam won’t damage the environment, it will only nudges the animal away from its view range. The only thing that I’m curious about. What happen if the farmer himself goes into the range? Will the Scarecrow brainlessly and heartlessly act him as an animal too? :)


It’s really a revolutionary concept for farmer. I guess the designers, KyungRyul Lim & Miyeon Kim has grown tired of the oldie scarecrow and try to give a new high tech vision for farmer.

(More Story: YankoDesign)

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