The Strike: Xbox 360 Fishing Rod Controller

XBox 360 Gamer, get your hand ready for this new controller, a realistic Fishing Rod controller for your XBox 360 to help you fish some giant deep sea creatures right infront of your HDTV inside your living room!


“By combining unique fishing pole and rifle peripherals with high-quality, immersive gameplay, The Strike and The Hunt truly capture the thrill of fishing and hunting and the memories and stories that go along with these beloved pastimes, says Justin Royer, Vice President of Marketing and Brands at Griffin International. As The Strike and The Hunt will appeal to gamers of all types, we think they have the potential to become the next must-have active, social party games.”

It certainly looks fun instead of rolling the line with your Xbox 360 controller. It will gives you the “on-the-spot” feeling if your display is big enough trills your nerves.

The Strike Xbox 360 Fishing controller is design for “The Hunt” game for Xbox 360, but it will also work well with other title in the upcoming release.

The Strike is scheduled for launching at this Fall 2009. The pricing is reasonable enough. If you buy both of the Strike and the Hunt together, you will get it for $69.99.

(via Geeky-Gadgets, Unscripted360)

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