VholdR ContourHD Wearable Recorder for Extreme Sportmen

When doing sport similar to skateboard or skiing, it’s impossible to have one of your hand holding a camera recorder to record your first person view action while playing your best with the sport. Luckily, there is a new gadget designed solely for this purpose – the VholdR ContourHD Recorder!


This little gadget is extremely useful for you who love to do extreme sport and want to record everything from start to finish. VholdR ContourHD comes in two video format, HD 720p at 30 fps and WVGA at 60 fps with lower resolution of 858 x 480. You can practically mount it on every sport helmet using the provided goggle mount or flat surface mount.

VholdR contourHD comes with 2GB MicroSD card and it can support up to 16GB to record up to 8 hours HD video or up to 16 Hours of SD video.

VholdR contourHD will be available in this May with price range of $280. You can actually pre-order this recorder at Amazon if you’ve got the money to spend!


(via GearCrave)

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