Extremely Thin Speaker with Flat Surface and Good Flexibility

Warwick Audio Technologies has designed a super thin Speaker, not even a quarter of milimeter in thickness and they claimed that the thin speaker can produce a good quality of sound to spoiled audiophiles.


It’s even better because you can cut the shapes into anything else, or bend it to suit any terrain such as sticking them into your bike or car.


The speaker material is a laminate composed of sandwiched insulators and conductors, which with the addition of the electrical audio signal, vibrates and produces a planar wave with high directivity and precise imaging. The wave spreads evenly across a listening room or audience and doesn’t drop off sharply based on distance. Warwick has also expounded upon the fact that FFLs are inexpensive to manufacture, meaning that they could be a viable option for basic home and car audio.

Warwick describes the speakers as efficient and low power, driven by voltage and dissipating little current into heat. Distortion is also said to be minimal. This statement offers a very promising glimpse: “By significantly improving the electrical to audio efficiency, we have broken the conventional link between the power rating and the loudness of a speaker. The loudness of cone speakers is often linked to the electrical power consumption. This is not a relevant relationship for the FFL.” Perhaps, in addition to space, you can save a little money on the amplifier.

The only thing to ask now is when this technology going to hit the market? It would be wonderful and which this type of thin speaker, it will open up a lot of opportunities for people in designing their new home or rather adding up aesthetic in their home because they can actually eliminate the use of large audio equipment.

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