Store 100 DVDs on 1 GE Microholographic Disc

This is an exciting news for you who have bunch of movie/DVD collection. In the future, probably 2011 or 2012, we will enjoy a new media format using the power of holographic technology presented by GE which they called them the “Microholographic Disc”.


Microholographic Disc is a new invention by GE company which practically can cut off lots of cost in mass production and generally will increase the storage capacity to 500 Gigabytes per Disc!

Now that’s mind blowing… Even the current Blu-ray disc has 50GB only with the double layer disc format. That’s mean GE Microholographic Disc is around 100 DVDs in 1 or 10 Double Layer Blu-ray disc content in a single GE Disc.

More exciting stuff is the pricing for each Gigabyte that you have to spend on this new media format from GE. The first time Blu-ray appear in 2006, each 1 GB cost around $1 or so. Which this GE Microholographic Disc, GE predicted to be around 10 cents / 1GB and keep falling afterward!

Now our future looks promising in the Tech sector. Let’s just hope the economy will be able to recover until that time!

More Detail Story available @Gadgetell.

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