Century Netbook Cooler: Do Cooling + Burns DVDs!

More and more cooling devices were developed for netbooks. In the future, you might find various kind of netbook cooler with much more cooler design and more features to enjoy.

Century has taken the first lead(?) to produce their own Netbook stand that comes complete with Optical drive (DVD Super Multi-drive) and a builtin 4cm cooler fan to cool both your lap and netbook.


Century Netbook Stand use single USB connection to obtain both power and data. It’s amazing, but the price might scare you a bit. It cost at $100, which is almost 1/3 of netbook pricing. It’s expensive, I can say. However, if you care about the portability (especially the DVD drives, no more external drives with IDE to USB converter needed), the value should be pay off itself…

(availability: 1th May 2009, Japan)
(via Ohgizmo)

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