iTies – Audiophiles Neck Tie

Audiophiles cannot live without iPod or similar audio gadgets. So perhaps that’s way we have this iTies available for sell in the market, so they can stick with their music player even in the middle of the working time.


The idea if iTies is to hide your iPod or MP3 player gadget underneath your tie, or you can put something else in the pocket provided at the rear side of the tie. The size of the pocket is big enough to store business cards, or credit card. So an iPod 4G is not a problem at all.

However, I would not recommend you to own this stuff and store a plethora of small stuffs in the pocket. It will make you looks funny with a fat Tie!

If you are interested, This iTies is yours for $60 only at

(via Coolest Gadgets, LikeCool)

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