MacBook Touch Concept by Tommaso Gecchelin


This concept design for Macbook is wonderful. After the mobile e-folder concept, this is the second worth to praise concept by Tommaso Gecchelin. It has a similar idea with Canova Dual Screen Laptop, but this concept has much more advanced technology and features.

Tommaso Gecchelin want this Macbook Touch concept to have dual OLED touchscreen display two screens with one touchscreen functionality, and with a new innovative technology called iSpine. So what is iSpine technology? In short description, it’s a techology to avoid exessive compression on the screen and allow the macbook touch to sit in multiple viewing angle and positions.

The large touchscreen area then could be used as a drawing e-canvas, which I think it’s far better than the current Macbook multi-touch trackpad.

More Detail + Photo @YankoDesign.

(via TecheBlog)

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  • The screen is A SINGLE flexible OLED touchscreen so there are not TWO screens like in Canova dual touch screen…this is the centre of the innovation.

    • Thanks for your correction. We have updated the post. Thank you for your visit!

  • Tommaso Gecchelin

    I’m sorry but it is not correct…There is just ONE SCREEN…

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