Nintendo NES Controller Mouse – I’m in Loved!

Damn! This project model is absolutely cool! A nintendo NES controller mouse built from a foam model for school project.


The A and B button as the mouse button, while the D-Pad was located at the left side. It seem the model is designed for right-handed user, but no further information about what is the D-Pad function in this NES mouse. One things that pretty obvious is the wireless feature since there is no cable attached.

I agree with Technabob, Nintendo should send this idea into production. Why? because it’s popular at the first sight! Just look at the comment either at Technabob, Geokologie or the creator’s site. Most of them say: “I want one!” :)

(Source: MouseVomit via Technabob)

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  • BennyDacks


  • I’m guessing the D-pad is used as a scroll wheel/ball replacement. Up/down scrolls vertically, while left/right scrolls horizontally.

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