Parrot Specchio by Martin Szekely is a Mirror Digital Frame

Have you seen a mirror Digital photo frame? I bet you haven’t. Most of us perhaps have already had one type of digital picture frame to slideshowing our favorite pictures. However, this Parrot Specchio digital photo frame is different. Well, It’s the same digital frame, but it has a different aesthetic touches by Martin Szekely.


The Parrot digital photo frame made by Martin Szekely is a marvel of today’s technology.
Featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC capability, you can share and transfer your photos from your PC, Mac, mobile phone, and so on.

Furthermore, the SD card slot and USB port make it easy to transfer the photos stored on your PC, USB flash drive or digital camera. Increase the frame’s memory by storing your photos on an SD card and maintain the original dimensions of your photos.

Parrot Specchio also have a range of good features and specification. Such as it already fully support Wi-Fi transfer either from PC or MAC, have a bunch of connection options (Bluetooth, USB Mini B, USB Type A port, SD/MMC Reader), Internal Parrot Image Compression Technology, Automatic brightness and size adjustment, and more.


It looks cool for your desk, you’d probably love this digital frame and buy some. But only one thing that may hold you down is the price. You ought to play as much as 400 (about $560) to own one. At that price mark, I could go and get two 26″ HD LCD! :)


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