Breathing Bud is a Cute Air Quality Detector

Nowadays air quality has decrease in quality, so it’s important to design a gadget for detecting our environment air quality to keep ourselves as healthy as possible. This Breathing Bud is one of the concept surfaced by two Chinese designer, Xinxin Wang and Zhi Chai. They made this Breathing Bud easy to use and cute in appearance.


Breathing Bud is USB-powered gadget suitable either for your laptop, or perhaps in your car if you have the in car charger equipped with USB ports.

The Breathing Bud has Bunny ears shaped, the ears will turn its color from blue to pink or reversely depend on the air quality of its surrounding. As usual, blue means good and red means bad.


You could also get more detail information if you plug this Breathing gadgets to your computer. Breathing Bud will send the information to the software and help you figuring out how good the air quality is in your environment.

(via Ecofriend and YankoDesign)

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